Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mike Major: California Chalk Pastel artist

Even though chalk pastels are excellently suited to plein air painting in the Texas heat, I don’t think I’ve yet featured a Texas landscape artist who works in pastels. The other day when I was searching for painters of the harsh landscape of California's version of  Big Bend I found Mike Major. Major's blog, if you scroll down far enough, details his process from the pumice and acrylic undercoat to the beautifully detailed pastel finish. Here's the link:


  1. Hey there Barbara, This is Mike Major. I am from California. Big Bend is actually in Laguna Beach California, a very big plein air destination with a lot of history. The painting above is from Santiago Canyon.

    1. Mike, Thanks so much for setting me straight on that.One day we Texans may engage you in a major debate over which Big Bend is the more fantastic. But meantime, everyone, do take a look at Mike's blog, which continues to grow and explode with color and great art!