Saturday, February 8, 2014

Making clear acrylic transfers of photos and prints

When Kim Rootes gave her excellent demo on collage this morning at the February meeting of the Tomball Art League, the subject of making acrylic 'skins' came up. Acrylic medium can be used to make a clear transfer of a photograph, photocopy, or print, so it can be added to a collage or mixed media  painting. YouTube has a number of excellent videos explaining the process. As you look at these you'll see yet more, listed on the right sidebar. 

Acrylic Transfers part 1

Acrylic Transfers part 2

Acrylic Transfers part 3

Transfer Finish

How to transfer a photo to canvas

Mixed Media: Acrylic Skins from prints and magazines

Creating and Printing on Acrylic skins

Grace Hessman Pastel Landscape Pastels

Throughout February you have the pleasure of viewing the pastel paintings of landscape artist Grace Hessman in our meeting room, Room L-129. She’s a 'plein air' painter, which means she plunks her easel down in the shifting soils of west Texas or beach Florida or the Oregon forest, with boots on to protect herself from cactus spines and driving heat and morning chills, to see, feel, and smell each nuance of the landscape she’s passionate about capturing on paper. When you see her work, I think you’ll catch that spirit. That’s Room L-129; throughout February.