Friday, April 13, 2012

The Jung Center

If you happen to be looking for places to exhibit your work you might consider the Jung Center at 5200 Montrose, right around the corner from the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The center extends the work and philosophy of Carl Jung, the twentieth century Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytic psychology who was one of the greatest researchers in dream analysis and symbolization, and who considered the arts to be a window into the soul.
The guidelines for submitting a portfolio to be reviewed by their art committee can be found on their website. Briefly, you submit a CD of your work by April 30th to be reviewed for one of nine exhibitions that will be launched the following year. It costs you nothing to exhibit but traditionally artists donate 20% of their sales back to the Center.

If you're interested you might want to check out the space during April when Woodlands artist Liz Hill will be exhibiting her work "Le Quattro Artists" there. It opens Saturday, April 14.

Images courtesy of the Jung Center and Gonzalez Studios  and Liz Hill's blog.

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